About BeautyMe LLC

Established in 1999, BeautyMe is an all natural hair care brand specializing in hair growth. The company studied and discovered the master key of a mixture of herbs. Natural hair products work better in repairing and maintaining hair, rather than making existing issues. BeautyMe only uses natural ingredients such as Burdock root , black garlic and Rosemary and many more herbs and oils.
All Beautyme products are sulfate, paraben, and silicone free and can be used on all hair types. This brand was created with a true understanding of hair loss, stagnant growth, and identifying damage. This extensive knowledge is the foundation a well formulated series of products from oils to vitamins that stimulate, repair, replenish, and grow hair. The use of these products will promote shine, remove buildup, protect cuticles, stimulate hair follicles for growth, improve strength and manageability, increase hair resilience and elasticity, and replenishes dry and weak hair. Our passion behind the brand is the love of seeing customers come full circle with how well the products work. BeautyMe will continue leading the hair care  industry for years to come with your number one hair products.